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Wearable art – Handwoven Scarves


Everyone everywhere appreciates handmade things, don’t they?  Maybe they take us back to a simpler time in our hearts and minds.

We love efficiency, sure.  But we love handmade even more.  We like to think of handmade as a ‘labor of love’.  And so it is.

Handweaving is a centuries old craft that still fascinates crafters and artists alike.

Texture, color, design, pattern, fiber.  There are endless combinations available and endless delight in designing the next project.

Because I love to show off my handwoven pieces, I decided to specialize in scarves.  I choose the perfect handwoven scarf for my perfect outfit like you might pick the perfect color lipstick for yours.

You’ll find lots of color and texture in my wearable art.  From the finest wools to the softest cottons and silks and bamboos and rayons. 

  • My Signature scarves are nice and long and beautiful – perfect for wrapping, and they come in soft wools and cuddly cottons.
  • My Moebius by Victoria scarves are sewn to make a continuous twisted loop – they’re also called Infinity Scarves.
  • My Skinny Scarves satisfied the need for a bit of color and texture – without warmth – for Arizona.  They’re just like their name implies – skinny – just about 3” in width.  The perfect accessory for warmer weather folks.
  • My Illusion Scarves sport tons of crazy fringe.  Tactility is the name of the game with these.  Smooth, bumpy, thick, thin, shiny, matte – you name it, they have it.

Sadly, many companies seem to discontinue some of my favorite colors just when I’m having fun with them, so keep in mind that on some of my scarves, I may need to substitute.  But no worries – I’ll always let you know beforehand!  I try to keep extra skeins of my mainstays, but even they run out eventually.

Enjoy checking out my inventory – feel free to contact me with special orders!  And make sure to check out my weaving blog too!